Whitewall Networks is becoming Nantes Systems. Announcement below...

Cloud Computing market place

Cloud based delivery of hosted IT services is bringing about a paradigm shift in how hosted IT services are being consumed in the Enterprise.

Cloud computing is disrupting the current business models for developing and delivering IT services to the Enterprises. IDC forecasts that cloud based hosted IT services will grow from a 2009 revenue base of US$ 17.4 Billion to US$ 44.2 Billion in 2013.

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Cloud Computing barriers

Begining with overloaded jargon which is still pervasive in the media, lack of standardization, product and service interoperability issues, unconvinced business practice of adopting newer technology on the fly, a wait and watch approach, lack of transparency and data management risks are some of the reasons in slow decision making. Available tools are proprietary and diverse from provider to provide

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Wallcloud(TM) solution

Hosted IT services result in huge overall savings, of atleast 65-70% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) over a period of time, with a potential Return of Investment (ROI) of 200% in 6-12 months. This is due to higher utilization of IT resources, reduced management & operational costs. Cloud computing enables IT services & applications to be delivered “on-demand” without any  upfront-investment, thereby enabling a “pay-as-you-go” services model.

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Whitewall Networks has been merged with Nantes Systems Pvt Ltd.

A forerunner in creating innovative cloud management platform merges with Nantes Systems.

Whitewall Networks an innovative cloud security and management startup today announced that they have  merged their assets and technology platform with Nantes Systems Pvt Ltd (http://www.nantessystems.com). The merged company will be servicing existing customers and continue to develop the innovative products to fulfill the nascent cloud security and management market.  Whitewall Networks has its development center in Bangalore, India and is headquatered in Santa Clara, California for marketing and product management.

The company is offering a soft appliance and web services model with will enable enterprises to adopt a cloud policy quickly, bringing Infrastrucure savings to table. Our solution is future proof. Tje combined company will be headquarted in Bangalore, India and continue the development of products for the fast emerging Indian IT market.

Latest developments
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22-Jan-2012: Whitewall Network's products and technology have been merged with Nantes Sytems Pvt Ltd. Please forward any enquires to support@nantes.net.in.

20-Oct-2010 : Whitewall Networks completes Beta1 test phase

04-Sep-2010 : Launch of Beta1 for field trials

24-Aug-2010 : Pre-Beta1 is ready for a 30 day trial. Registered customers will get a call within 8 hours to confirm registration.

17-Aug-2010 : Customer engagements have commenced