Universal Cloud Computing Solution

Whitewall Networks's WallCloud(TM) is an universal cloud computing software appliance product targetting the SMBs and SMEs. The product claims to be the industry's low touch solution for easy migration and quick adoption of Cloud Servers & Virtual Servers. WallCloud offers solution to Infrastrucure and Platform for Enterprise IT needs. With WallCloud, business houses can quickly bring the savings to the table with a higher ROI & with lower TCO.

WallCloud offers a unified solution for a broader featurese making it easy for Enterprises to embrace the cloud quickly, with confidence






A whitewall networks cloud computing appliance

Unified management of Cloud Provider Services

SLA monitoring, management & reporting

Cloud bursting & shrinkage of IT resources

Public, Private and hybrid cloud scenarios

Mix and match Providers and Services

Prevents vendor lock-ins with embedded migration tools*

Security and encrypted storage data transfer from local to cloud and vice-versa

Extend Enterprise policies to the Cloud

Dashboard offers valuable resource information for CIO/CFOs & network managers

SLA management and reporting tool to guide performance backed cloud strategies

Reporting tool provides hierarchical and modular reports to bring cost to cloud statistics and cloud consumption details.


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