A brief solution overview

Whitewall Networks enable realization of the future of cloud computing TODAY by removing almost all barriers in the adoption of hosted IT services, with WallCloud - a virtual appliance in the network. A cloud provider agnostic approach with easy to use navigation enables quick deployment and easy migration.

Customers can now focus on their core competencies, leaving the complexity of evaluating & adopting cloud services & benefit from savings that arise from time to time. Whitewall Networks Cloud solution, enables SMEs to move to cloud quickly and effectively.

The unified services from Whitewall Networks offer Business & Enterprises, a soup to nut approach to Cloud thereby excersiing more power to compute with local hands. Customers are free to choose Providers and Services with much ease & can benefit from fine grain control of enterprise usage. Seamlessly, enterprise policies can be extended to the cloud, making use of exising policies or with little modification.




Easy positioning in the network











Solution highlights
Niche product category

WWN solution extends the Enterprise IT policies into the cloud thereby enabling IT policy driven cloud resources allocation, deployment and management in a secure manner. Auto update of new services and features to all WallCloud appliances.
Enables cloud provider agnostic IT deployments that can grow and shrink on demand.

Single software appliance based solution that enables migration to cloud computing services from multiple service providers.
No complex client software & installations enterprise-wide.
Enterprise network need no change or very minimal network change(s).
Quick to cloud within minutes of appliance power ON.