Key barriers for viral cloud adoption
These are just myths and are no more a concern today

Cloud adoption can bring $avings to Enterprise IT spendings with a ROI of 6 months. Enterprises are stil not geared up to adopt the Cloud, but are involved in evaluating this new technology, which is still an option to think of. But soon the reality is going to change. Customers are tied to contracted vendors & managed service providers. Server vendors still push Cloud computing as a hardware bundled solution, making it difficult for CTOs and Policy makers to embrace Pubic clouds. The amount of savings are not justifiable for shorter span of time, particularly for smaller networks and of course the most important factor(region specific)is lack of business class, reliable, high bandwidth broadband infrastructure for enterprises.

Too many options

Multiple providers offer many solutions with narrow services making it difficult for Enterprise customers and consumers to pick and choose one vendor or solution


Mixed Services

Enterprises require many products and services from multiple cloud providers; arriving at a base line SLA proves difficult hampering migration plans


Lack of infrastructure Mgmt in the cloud

Lack of clarity in management, and no automated utility to fulfill complete IT infra services offered by various cloud providers. Enterprises require many services to be provisioned across cloud providers, making it difficult to unify them

Inhouse software development

Need for dedicated software support for cloud adoption, quick changes with newer services & multiple such developmental works for diverse needs. Cloud brings savings to organizations and hence constant update requires software skills within the domain

Assurance of data confidentiality

Cloud Providers offer security in many forms and formats that are accessible from the public internet. Given the enormous processing power of the cloud infrastructure services, compromising security of mission critical data is a concern not well addressed

Business continuity / Disaster recovery

Provider interfaces are uncommon among services leaving Disaster recovery almost impossible for now. BCP-DR practicing enterprises are unable to make this shift from current policy enabled IT networks








Vendor lock-ins

All vendors cloud offering are proprietary solutions and are designed without concerning Enterprise migration strategies.

No One-STOP vendor solution

Enterprise customers need to engage with many providers for their complete resource management, that increases the complexity factor.